Indonesian Police on high alert following fuel price hike announcement


Jakarta, Nov 19 – The Indonesian National Police will deploy two-thirds of its personnel to contain possible disruptive situations in the wake of the governments decision to raise the price of subsidized fuels on Monday night.

“It is true that the current situation is very conducive and safe. But with the policy implemented, I think the police force is obligated to contain any impacts it might have,” Chief of the National Police, General Sutarman, said in the premises of the Presidential Palace here on Tuesday.

“Gasoline stations have been guarded since last night. The security situation has been relatively conducive so far,” he stated.

To ensure that such a secure situation prevails, he added that the ranks and files of the Indonesian police were now on alert status one.

“It is true that we ordered alert status one yesterday. This means that two-thirds of our personnel will be on standby at gasoline stations and distribution points,” he affirmed.

On Monday night, President Joko Widodo decided to increase the price of subsidized fuel, including premium fuel, from Rp6.5 thousand to Rp8.5 thousand per liter and that of diesel oil from Rp5.5 thousand to Rp7.5 thousand per liter.