Immigration Police nab Taiwanese extortionist


Bangkok – Immigration Police have detained a Taiwanese individual entering the Kingdom on an Indonesian passport for attempting to extort a fellow Taiwanese businessperson of over 10 million baht.

Immigration Police detained 58-year old Simon Jiang on charges of defamation and extortion after a Taiwanese entrepreneur indicated he had threatened to release a pornographic video containing the business owner via WeChat, if not provided with over 10 million baht. It was previously reported by Taiwanese media that the alleged extortionist had already deeply troubled the businessperson’s family and brought great shame to the victim.

Acting Commander of the Immigration Police, Pol Maj Gen Surachet Hakpal, said that authorities had expedited their investigation into the case due to its impact on Thailand’s tourism image. It was found that while the alleged criminal is Taiwanese, he entered Thailand on an Indonesian passport. A background check has revealed he once led a human trafficking gang and engaged in fraud and forgery of documents. He was detained on October 20 carrying two iPhone 8 mobile phones, which have led police to believe he has further accomplices in the Kingdom.