Immigration Bureau strictly monitors and deports foreign nationals involved in criminal activities


BANGKOK, 29 October 2014 – The Immigration Bureau has announced that it will intercept all foreign nationals who are involved in criminal activities from entering Thailand’s Deep South by stationing police at various immigration checkpoints.

Police Major General Warawut Tawechaikarn, the Commander of the Immigration Bureau, declared that the bureau will take precautionary measures to prevent Indian fugitive terrorist Jaktar Singh Tara from sneaking into Thailand after he has escaped from prison.

Immigration police are now keeping a close watch for all foreign nationals entering the country and would immediately arrest anybody who matches Mr. Tara’s physical description.

Meanwhile, the Immigration Bureau has also announced it has arrested four other foreign nationals who have been involved in criminal activities and have been taking refuge in Thailand.

Among those four include two German nationals who are Mr. Ferdinand Mittendorfer and Mr. Dietrich Steindorff, both of whom are convicted of fraud. The latter is also responsible for patent infringement for more than 7,741 cases and caused losses up to 12 million baht to his victims.

The third person is Mr. Constantine Saresky, a Russian national who has been involved with extortion and is also a doctor. Lastly, the fourth person is Mr. Marc Glossen, a Belgian national who has been charged with drug trafficking. All these four suspects will be deported back to their home countries to face trial for their crimes.