His Majesty being treated for abdominal pain and fever


BANGKOK, 5 November 2014 – His Majesty the King was yesterday reported with abdominal pain and high fever caused by the inflammation of a small diverticulum of the large intestine originally diagnosed over 7 years ago. 

The latest announcement concerning the royal stay at Siriraj Hospital issued by the Bureau of the Royal Household said His Majesty once again experienced a pain in his abdomen and fever while his breathing was slightly faster. The team of doctors then conducted blood tests and x-rays on His Majesty which showed signs of inflammation of the diverticulum. The doctors therefore prescribed His Majesty antibiotics, resulting in his gradual improvement.

The statement said the doctors will continue the same treatment for His Majesty for a while and will give him the food that is proper for the symptoms until the inflammation is treated. The statement also quoted the doctors as saying the inflammation of the diverticulum of the large intestine may occur occasionally.