Health Ministry: Zika virus outbreak unlikely in Thailand


Bangkok – The Ministry of Public Health has indicated it is unlikely the Zika virus will enter and spread through the Kingdom.

Department of Disease Control Adviser and Virology Expert, Dr. Prasert Thongcharoen, recently took part in a meeting to prepare measures against emerging ailments. Following the meeting, the adviser stated that there is only a low to medium risk of a Zika virus epidemic in the Kingdom as so far it has spread mostly only through mosquitoes with very few instances of sexual transmission suspected.

The Ministry of Public Health has erected 4 blockades against the illness ranging from virologist techniques to entomologist techniques. It is also monitoring the public for signs of the virus, especially newborns as the disease has been linked to abnormal development of fetuses. It has noted for those traveling back from risk areas that the illness itself is not dangerous and can be self-treated.

On an Omani man in Thailand found to be infected with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), ministry officials stated his overall condition is good and he only requires breathing assistance from time to time. Nonetheless, they asserted that precautionary measures should continue.