Health Ministry ordered Sukhothai to watch out for possible post-flood illnesses


BANGKOK, 20 September 2012 – The Health Ministry has instructed officials in flood-hit Sukhothai to watch out for the outbreak of post-flood illnesses.

Deputy Health Minister Surawit Khonsomboon, on Wednesday, visited Sukhothai Province to offer moral support to health officials and locals, after the flooding situation started to ease.

The overall situation in Sukhothai has improved markedly, with the water level in the Yom River also receding considerably.

Mr. Surawit also handed over 200 sets of first-aid kits, which consist of medicines and mosquito repellent, to locals.

In addition, the Deputy Health Minister has instructed the Sukhothai health office to watch out for the possible outbreak of 7 flood-related illnesses, including influenza, dengue, leptospirosis, pneumonia, foot-and-mouth disease, diarrhea, and pinkeye during the next 14 days.

So far, the health office has dispatched 5 mobile medical teams to offer help to residents of the 5 flood-hit communities, where 83 patients have already been diagnosed with mental problems.