Health chief outlines dangers of massage for pregnant women


Bangkok – The Director General of the Department of Health has advised pregnant women to avoid having a massage and turn to light exercise instead, after a pregnant woman died on July 20 following a traditional massage.

Health chief Dr. Phanphimon Wipulakorn has warned that women who are less than three months into their pregnancy should avoid getting a massage at all because it will stimulate the uterus to tighten and may cause a miscarriage. Women who are 4-6 months pregnant can get a massage from those who have been trained while those who are more than six months into their pregnancy, when their uterus will pressure their veins and the arteries in their stomach, should only get a massage from qualified practitioners of traditional Thai medicine who have undergone at least 800 hours of training. They are warned not to go for a massage at a general massage parlor. For safety, pregnant women who suffer from aches or wish to relieve stress should turn to light exercise instead.