Govt ready to defend draft THB2tril loan bill in Parliament


BANGKOK, 24 March 2013 The government is ready to defend the draft 2-trillion-baht loan bill in the Parliament during a debate scheduled at the end of the month. 

Minister to PM’s Office Niwattumrong Boonsongpaisan said on Sunday that the government has prepared all information regarding to the draft bill, which will authorize the Finance Ministry to borrow as much as 2 trillion baht for the infrastructure investment, to be presented to the Parliament during March 28 and 29.

Mr. Niwattumrong stated that the government is not worried about the upcoming deliberation of the draft bill, after it held a special exhibition to explain the project to the public earlier this month and the public survey found most Thais are in support of the plan.

The Minister to PM’s Office said the planned investment has been on the drawing board for a long time but never been seriously implemented.

He went on to say that the allocation of the funding from the state budget may be changed at any time and such an uncertainty may disrupt the investment plan.

Mr. Niwattumrong assured that the draft bill, if passed as laws, will require the government to abide with it until the end; a condition that will effectively help drive the Thai economy forward as hoped.