Govt opens more channels for Nepal quake donations


BANGKOK, 29 April 2015 – Donations for victims of the massive earthquake in Nepal can now be delivered directly to Government House while army compounds are also used to accommodate donated necessities.

Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office ML Panadda Diskul today represented the Royal Thai Government in accepting donations from charitable parties at Naree Samosorn Building within Government House. It was the first day for the compound to serve as a donation collection point. Over 13 million baht worth of cash and goods were received on the day from many public and private agencies.

As for other new channels, ML Panadda also announced that people who wish to donate in person can now do so at the First Infantry Regiment King’s Guard on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road and the Eleventh Infantry Regiment King’s Guard in Bang Khen district.

The minister revealed that, as of 12 pm today, approximately 56 million baht has already been deposited into the government’s account under the name “Sending Thai Hearts to Nepal”. He said the government will divide the fund into two parts, one to be handed to Nepal by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the other to be used to procure necessary items for quake victims.

For any private organizations planning to set up their own donation boxes to contribute to the “Sending Thai Hearts to Nepal” account, ML Panadda encouraged them to notify the Prime Minister’s Office in order to receive a certification letter that will guarantee their credibility and help prevent fraud.


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