Govt denies data about COVID-19 concealed, calls on people to not believe fake news


BANGKOK – News about factory workers in Pathum Thani and a department store employee in the Phloenchit area of Bangkok being infected with COVID-19 has been found by the Ministry of Public Health to be fake news.

The online news claimed there might be more than one factory in Pathum Thani province where workers were reported to have been infected with COVID-19 and the government was accused of concealing it, prompting the Ministry of Public Health to announce that no COVID-19 patients have been found in that area.

The online news also claimed that a Central Embassy employee has been infected with COVID-19, prompting the department store to make an inquiry with the Ministry of Public Health which assured there has not been an infection reported.

Central Embassy has taken measures for the health and safety of its employees and customers and announced any employees, who might have a fever, can take leave.

Members of the public are advised to not believe such fake news or share or post it online and to visit



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