Government is pushing to complete the national digital economy plan


BANGKOK, 16 July 2015 – The government is urgently drafting the national policy and planning strategy on the use of digital technologies to expedite economic development to be implemented by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

ICT Minister Pornchai Rujiprapa said the administration expected to see a complete draft before the end of this year. He said the plan would generally benefit the public and boost the local economy through promotion of private businesses. Initially it seeks to manage and maximize the fourth generation (4G) frequency allocations, the concession of which will be soon opened for auction.

A committee will also be set up to oversee the process of moving electrical and telephone lines in Bangkok underground. The Metropolitan Electricity Authority is currently responsible for project.

On the establishment of the national data center, the minister said 80 percent of the work has been completed, with participation of 20 private companies. The center aims at integrating information about all governmental units, in order to facilitate co-investment between the government and private sectors.