Government blocked and closed 700 improper URLs in October


Cyber detectives have managed to block 200 URLs which are deemed insulting to the monarchy with the orders of the military junta and closed down 700 URLs with court orders throughout October, Deputy Prime Minister Prajin Juntong disclosed Wednesday.


He said that YouTube had the biggest number of URLs deemed insulting to the monarchy and, at the same time, had the highest number of URLs closed down.

ACM Prajin insisted that the government had tried all possible means to prevent and reduce online messages or images deemed insulting or critical to the revered institution and, in so doing, it had received cooperation from several parties.

He asked netizens to exercise caution before pressing share or like of texts or images which are improper. He said that the best thing for them to do is to avoid or delete those improper texts or images.

The deputy prime minister disclosed that Facebook had sent two letters to the government expressing readiness to cooperate and to exchange views regarding URLs which the government felt to be insulting to the monarchy.

However, he said he would like to talk face-to-face with Facebook executives in Thailand or in Singapore rather than communicating online, but they are not ready yet and would like to consult with their Southeast Asian representatives first.