Government announces 15-year free basic education


Invoking Section 44 of the interim charter, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha in his capacity as head of the NCPO issued an order making it mandatory for the state to provide 15-year free basic education to Thai youths from kindergarten level up to Mathayom 6 level effective as of today.

Referring to the policy of the previous governments for the state to provide free education to Thai youths of up to 15 years, the NCPO chief decided to reaffirm this policy which will help improve social justice, solve poverty and promote the development of human resources.

Under the order, 15-year free basic education will cover “welfare education” for underprivileged or impoverished children and “special education” for the disabled or handicapped.

Agencies concerned will make preparations to make sure that pre-school children will be taken care of and will be exposed to physical, mental and emotional development. Local administration organizations and the private sector should be encouraged and promoted to join in this endeavour.

The Ministry of Education has been tasked to update relevant laws for the implementation of the free education policy.