Gossiping bartender hacked with machete, nearly loses arm


A gossiping bartender nearly lost his arm when one of the people he allegedly spoke ill of attacked him with a machete.

Yuranan Luang-On, 21, had his arm sliced at the elbow in the after-midnight attack Jan. 5 outside Pattaya’s Cottage Hotel on Second Road. He was taken to Pattaya Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Yuranan told police he had just gotten off work when he sat on his motorbike to answer a phone call. Suddenly a man approached him and swung a 2-foot-long knife at his head. The bartender said he put up his arm to deflect the blow and the blade cut through his forearm.

The victim maintained he did not have any enemies and did not know who would attack him. However, witnesses reported that the attacker had cruised past the hotel several times, waiting for Yuranan to appear. Then, after the attack, the suspect yelled from the window “you should have died because of the bad things you said about other people.”