GIZ to study waste-to-energy plant in Chiang Mai


BANGKOK, 26 October 2014  Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Thailand has shown interest in studying electricity generation from waste in Hod district in Chiang Mai as part of its effort to strengthening cooperation with developing countries through technological exchange.

PR Manager of GIZ in Thailand Siriphon Triphonrat said GIZ participated in the project on integrated resource management and planning for cities called “the Urban NEXUS” which was collaboration between the German government and Asian countries. The project would lead representatives of the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia to a landfill factory and a waste-to-energy power plant in Chiang Mai on 28 October 2014. They would later attend a meeting with the deputy mayor of Chiang Mai Municipality on the next day to learn about the province’s management of 300 tons of garbage a day and the factory’s handling of them, said Ms Siriphon.

The power plant can generate 2 kilowatts/hour of electricity each day for sale. 60% of heat from the electricity generation can be used to dry produce such as longan and konjac.