German expert shares experience related to Constitution with Thai political enthusiasts


BANGKOK, 2 July 2015 – A political expert from Germany has shared his knowledge of the role of his country’s Constitutional Court, at a seminar in Bangkok.

The Office of the Constitutional Court on Wednesday joined the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in organizing a seminar which was entitled “The Constitutional Court and Thailand’s Political Reform”.

Among noted speakers invited to the seminar was Prof. Dr. Jorg Menzel, an expert on the German Constitution, who shared with the audience his knowledge of Germany’s Constitution and how the election system has developed.

Prof. Menzel said that, in Germany, the Constitutional Court never intervenes in politics, including when it comes to draft amendments to the Constitution.

He stated that the court will only come into the picture after the charter has been endorsed and put into practice.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Banjerd Singkaneti from the Graduate School of Law at the National Institute of Development Administration said that, unlike the German example, the Thai Constitutional Court is responsible for the internal control and verification of draft amendments to the Constitution.

However, once the charter is in effect, the court will not undertake such a task, he said.