German demand rises for Thai pomelos


BANGKOK, 5 June 2015 – The Department of Agriculture (DOA) has been trying to improve the quality of Kao Nam Pueng pomelos, due to an increase in German demand.

Kao Nam Pueng pomelos have grown in popularity in Germany, which imports a large amount from China each year. 

The fruit has a color similar to honey, while having a sweeter and crunchier consistency compared to other varieties. Kao Nam Pueng pomelos from Thailand have earned a reputation for having superior quality to those from China.

The DOA has been working with the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Importers in Germany to ensure that Thai pomelos meet standards required by the European Union (EU) and Germany.

According to DOA Director General Anan Suwannarat, more than 176,000 rai of land have been allocated to pomelo cultivation in Thailand. An estimated 15,000 rai have been certified by the DOA.

The DOA will submit a petition to Germany for the export of Kao Nam Pueng pomelos from Thailand, after they undergo pesticide residue analysis.

Thailand mainly exports two varieties of pomelos, namely Thong Dee and Kao Nam Pueng. They are shipped to China, Hong Kong and Cambodia, generating 130 million baht per year.