General Prayuth: solving southern violence is not just about dealing with separatists.


Bangkok, 8 April 2013 (NNT), Army Chief General Prayuth Jan-Ocha has indicated that solving the southern violence needs co-operation from all sectors, not just dealing with separatists. The comment came before his presiding over the annual combat drill and inspection of the Region 2 Army. He said that the root cause of the southern violence is misunderstanding that stems from many factors, not just about secession; therefore, there is no need to pay special attention to any separatist groups. According to General Prayuth, the recent spate of attacks is simply an attempt to intimidate authorities and locals, adding that cooperation from all sectors is vital to effecting the solution. The Internal Security Operations Command Region 4 has been working around the clock to bring assailants to justice. The army would not resort to violence in finding a peaceful solution; however, the law must be upheld in order for justice to prevail, said the C-in-C.