Gen. Prayut celebrates heritage of the past 100 years of Chiang Mai City


CHIANG MAI, 7 April 2015 – Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Monday inaugurated an event celebrating the past 100 years of Chiang Mai City.

At the ‘100 years of Chiang Mai heritage’ event, General Prayut observed an exhibit on the Lanna way of life, local healing arts, local textiles, local art forms, and local craftsmanship. The prime minister also planted Negkassar trees and had a knot tied to his wrist in accordance with northern customs.

The event, held at the Khuang Phra Chao Lanna Buddhist site in Chiang Mai province, was held with an aim to sustainably restore arts and culture that prevailed in Chiang Mai over the past 100 years. The event was also held with the hope of restoring the linkage between the home, the temple and the school. Event organizers also hoped to make the Khuang Phra Chao Lanna site into a northern center for Buddhists.