Fruits, seafood and ready-made meals are more expensive in Bangkok


BANGKOK, 19 Mar 2015 – The Cabinet has acknowledged the issue of high commodity prices despite the fallen fuel prices. Meanwhile, findings revealed fruits, seafood and ready-made meals being offered in the capital are more expensive than in rural areas.

Government Spokesperson Capt. Dr. Yongyuth Maiyalarp quoted a report from the Ministry of Science and Technology as saying that 52% of Thai households earn just the exact amount to pay their daily bills, only 12.3% are able to make a regular saving, and 35.7% earn less than what they are paying out. He said people in the last group solve their problem by resorting to loans from various financial sources.

The report indicated that 41.3% of people in the Northeast were earning less than their expenditure, the rate higher than other regions.

The Spokesperson said 59.8% of the residents still find that the commodity prices in February remain the same despite the drop in fuel price. The Captain stated that the majority of the people set to become more frugal in dealing with the problem. He also indicated that generally 49.1% of items being offered in Bangkok are more expensive than in other provinces.

Captain Yongyuth said items that people want the government to keep its eyes on are pork, rice, cooking oil, ready-made meals, fertilizer, eggs, and seafood.