French Embassy pushes HelioScreen suncare evaluation laboratory in Bangkok


BANGKOK, 4th September 2013 The French Embassy in cooperation with UbiFrance has held a press conference to launch a new joint venture laboratory between HelioScreen Cie In Vitro Sunscreen testing solutions and Thai Chemico Inter Corporation Co.,Ltd. 

Founded by Dr.Dominique Lutz in 1999, HelioScreen is a specialist for more than 10 years in the In Vitro evaluation of sun protection products qualified by the ISO Standardization process. HelioScreen Asia laboratory has been set up in Bangkok as the center for a whole range of French innovations and new technology on sun care testing and evaluation, specializing in In Vitro testing. The lab will be the center for services for the ASEAN region and for the rest of Asia.

Dr.Dominique Lutz, CEO Scientist Manager at HelioScreen, spoke of the global consensus of the dangers of the sun and the balance that the industry must infuse in protecting the skin from UVA and UVB, which cause skin irritation, burning, and darkening.

Dr. Dominique chose to base the ASEAN laboratory in Bangkok, which is considered a big step for the sun care evaluation industry to become internationally recognized.

In the past, testing has mainly been done using In Vivo method (testing on humans). However, The European Union has proposed new rules that the industry must try to evolve into the in vitro method (testing in laboratory), and to steer away from the In Vivo method.