Forum mobilizes young people against corruption


BANGKOK, 12 November 2014 – A public forum investigating ways to tackle corruption says corruption has become a deeply-rooted problem in Thai society. The event is being held by the Thai Higher Education Institution.

Director of the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT) Mana Nimitmongkol stated that corruption is rampant throughout every organization in Thailand.

Statistics reveal that only 20 percent of civil servants were free from corruption. As for the private sector, more than 80 percent of employees have been allegedly involved in corruption. Politicians are also no exception, as they are often guilty of manipulating the state budget.

For this reason, the Director said it is essential that members of the public are allowed to investigate government spending activities in order to ensure transparency and to protect the welfare of the nation.

According to National Legislative Assembly (NLA) member Klanarong Chantik, corruption causes huge losses to the country. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that people working across all sectors be aware of the problem, from university students to high-ranking civil servants.