Former Takien Tia Kamnan gold necklace snatched


A former Takiantia village headsman lost a gold necklace worth more than 120,000 baht when a thief on a motorbike snatched the expensive jewelry from around his neck Tuesday.

Ex-Kamnan Saner Sucher, owner of Sucher Nursery School in Baan Rong Poh, reported the theft of the five baht necklace adorned with three gold amulets around 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Saner said he getting into his car at a noodle shop near his school when a Thai man hit him with his motorbike and snatched the necklace. Saner checked a CCTV camera nearby, but the view was blocked by a utility pole.

Police asked Saner to provide a description, but the thief had been wearing a helmet.

former Takien Tia Kamnan gold necklace snatched