Forest fire in Chiang Rai almost extinguished


Bangkok – Authorities have extinguished most of a forest fire along the border of Muang Chiang Rai and Mae Chan districts in the northern province of Chiang Rai. The firefighters are scrambling to put out the blaze in just one location as it is difficult for them to reach.

The District Chief of Mae Chan, Wandee Ratchomphu, said the fire situation has improved over the past few days, thanks to the cooperation of officials from all sides.

Wandee said the blaze at some spots, including Wat Pa Tung and Wat San Mongkol, has been almost extinguished, and there is only one area where the firefighters are having some difficulties to reach. She said this forest fire incident will be assessed for future improvements.

Meanwhile, at the haze and forest fire command center in Wat Pa Tung, the Govenor of Chiang Rai held a meeting with the Director-General of the Royal Forest Department, the Commander of the 3rd Army Region, and personnel from relevant agencies to follow up on the forest fire situation. Following the meeting, all sides have been instructed to set up volunteer groups in all 139 villages to monitor their forest areas with the support from the military and relevant agencies.

The District Chief of Mae Chan has thanked the people and the private sector for donating rice and other necessities to the firefighters. She said the haze and forest fire command center has continued to receive drinking water and other necessities from donors.