Forensic expert: Some Rohinyas have connection with RKK


BANGKOK, 28 January 2013  After running blood tests on detained Rohingyas in the South, a forensic expert has found that some of them use drugs, and a few of them have been trained by the RKK Muslim insurgents.

Central Institute of Forensic Science Director Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand has revealed that the DNA tests on over 800 Rohingyas indicated that some of them use drugs, but she could not find any evidence that they are connected with drug dealers.

The point of concern, she expressed, is their connection with the RKK Muslim insurgents. Reports said in 2009 some Rohingyas with Malaysian residency entered Thailand to stage an attack in the Deep South. During a recent inspection, authorities found that some of them carried with them explosive substances from India.

The officials suspected that there might be people behind their move to enter Thailand. Despite authorities’ attempts to return them to their countries of origin, most Rohingyas were in fact dropped off Satun, Ranong, and other southern provinces of Thailand and some were sent to Malaysia.

Two of the Rohingyas confessed that they had been trained by the RKK to stage insurgency in the South. Given the government’s lack of clear strategy to deal with the Rohingyas, Dr Pornthip expressed her worries that the issue could pose a threat to national security.