Foreign Ministry allays fears among Thais about South Korean safety


BANGKOK, April 10 – The Thai embassy in Seoul has reported all is normal in South Korea, Foreign Ministry spokesman Manasvi Srisodapol said today.

He said the embassy informed Thai people via its Facebook site that it has closely monitored the situation given the ongoing threats by North Korea and Thai people’s enquiries.

Life goes on as normal and airports are in operation as usual, the Thai embassy said.

Mr Manasvi quoted the South Korean media as reporting that the government has raised its surveillance alert to level 2, a result of North Korea’s warlike threats.

The Thai embassy in Seoul has kept Thais in South Korea alerted with updates on the situation but it would not advise Thai tourists either to continue or cancel their vacation plans to the East Asian country, he said.

South Koreans are going about their daily lives as usual and there is no sign of people hoarding food or other necessities, the embassy said. None of the 113 foreign embassies in Seoul have instructed evacuations of their citizens.

The information should be useful for Thai tourists’ decisions, it said.

It advised Thai travellers in South Korea to carry essential documents and devices including passports, air tickets, cash, mobile phones and chargers just in case.