Ford Thailand agrees to buy back faulty cars from customers


Ford Thailand has agreed to buy back faulty Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta cars from customers based on a case by case basis after negotiations between the company’s management and representatives of car buyers.


About 200 buyers of the two models of Ford cars demonstrated in front of Ford Thailand head office in Bangkok on Monday to demand the company show responsibility for the faulty cars.

Most of the faulty vehicles experience power issues and a delay in acceleration.  Many of the buyers have already lodged complaints with the nation’s Consumers Protection Committee.

Atchariya Ruangrattanapong, president of the organization to assist victims, told the media after the negotiations that the company agreed to buy back the faulty cars but on a case by case basis.

He said that Ford had agreed to waive the ages of the cars as the main parameter as most of the faulty cars were barely used as they had been kept in garages for repairs most of the time.

He said he will submit to the company a list of some 150 customers with details of their problems on Wednesday and expects the dispute to be resolved by October 30.