Flooding eases in South; cold to be sustained in North & Northeast


PATTANI, 11 December 2013 The high pressure cell covering Thailand’s upper region is forecast to contribute to sustained chilly weather and morning fog in the North. In the meantime, flooding in the southern provinces of Phatthalung and Pattani has started to recede. 

In Pattani, flooding has lifted in most parts except for the plains in Paka Harang and Baraho sub-districts in Mueang district and areas immediately adjacent to Pattani River. Flooding is expected to lift completely in 2-3 days if no additional rainfall adds to the inundation level and there is no discharge of water from Bang Lang Dam in Yala.

In Phatthalung, the inundation level was subsiding in Mueang, Khwuan Khanun and Bang Kaew districts. However, some plain areas remain flooded. Around 150 households still needed to use boats to commute from their village, as the water level prohibited other types of transport. Provincial authorities expect flooding to lift within 2 weeks providing that there is no further rainfall.

Meanwhile, locals in the northern and northeastern provinces have become afflicted by the cold. In Phrae, residents have been seen to clutter around bonfires in the mornings to alleviate the cold. Chiang Rai, however, has seen an increase in the number of visitors because of the cold weather. Accommodation near Doi Phu Pha Tang is Wieng Kan district has been fully booked, boosting income for lodge owners there. The Meteorological Department reported that the moderate-strength high pressure area covering upper Thailand will result in sustained cold weather and morning fog. People are advised to take caution when traveling through areas with dense fog. For the southern region, little rainfall is forecast for this period.