Flood situation in Narathiwat is worrisome


NARATHIWAT, Dec 7 — The flood situation in the southernmost province of Narathiwat was still critical as residents’ homes were hit with 1 to 1.50 metre high flood.

The six communities in Su-ngai Kolok situated along the Kolok River were still worrisome as water level in the swollen Kolok River has eased by only 10-20 centimetres.

The Narathiwat flood centre reported that 11,206 households in eight districts – Cho-airong, Rueso, Chanae, Su-ngai Padi, Su-ngai Kolok, Waeng, Ra-ngae and the provincial seat have been affected by the flood.

Si Sakhon-Khok Sator road in Si Sakhon disrict was impassable due to inundation.

In Songkhla, 400 households along Songkhla Lake in Sathing Phra district were endangered after the water in Songkhla Lake has overflowed to flood the communities.

Although rain has stopped, the flood water was still high and tending to increase because runoff from Phatthalung and Nakhon Si Thammarat was flowing into the province.