Flood recedes at Bang Phlat district


BANGKOK, Nov 9 — Floodwaters at Bangkok’s Bang Phlat district are receding by 5-10cm, but it is causing difficulties for transportation as boats which had earlier navigated through the road without difficulty could not now pass through because some sections have become too shallow.

Bang Phlat was hit by flooding late last month after the flood prevention barrier ruptured, and water from the Chao Phraya River poured into the district and water level surged more than one metre high.

The water on Charansanitwong Road in Bang Phlat district receded by 5-10cm while the level in various lanes declined to 30-40cm, but some sections of Charansanitwong remain under water, the condition causing difficulties for residents as the road is mixed between dry and wet sections.

Meanwhile, regarding the flood situation on Vibhavadi Road, the water is very close to Sutthisarn intersection. The water is not deep but has spread over a wide area.

Floodwater reportedly surged into Soi Yothinpattana 3 in Bueng Kum district where Prime Minister Yingluck Shinatwatra’s residence is located, but the water has not yet reached her home.

In a related development, Dr Seri Suparatit of the Sirindhorn International Environmental Park warned that the six-kilometre long ‘Big Bag’ barrier built to curb the deluge from the north from flowing into inner Bangkok could only delay the water, but it would overflow the barrier within a week and possibly flood inner Bangkok.

He said the massive volume of water kept flowing into Bangkok but was obstructed by the 1-2 tonne sandbag barriers, the ‘Big Bag’ which only temporarily retained the water.

Dr Seri, a Rangsit University academic and water expert, said the water might reach Victory Monument because there is a large volume of water heading to Bangkok.