Flood in Phichit critical as rail services cut off in Lumphun


PHICHIT, Aug 27 —  The flood situation in the northern province of Phichit regressed to critical after Sirikit and Kwai Noi Bumrung Dan Dams discharged water into waterways, as water level of the Nan River at Bang Mun Nak district had risen past the critical level by at least one metre.

The two dams discharged water in preparation for retaining new water from provinces further north, while flash floods off Phetchabun mountain had swollen the Nan River, causing water to overflow into Bang Mun Nak district, flooding more than 1,000 homes.

The flood situation in Sukhothai was gradually returning to normal after the water level in Yom River receded. Villagers were starting to clean up their homes but were as yet unable to return to live at their residences because of fear that water levels may increase again.

However, Ban Kluai and Pak Phra subdistricts in the provincial seat were still under more than two metres of water.

In Mae Chan district of Chiang Rai, the water in Kham River had overflowed, flooding homes for the third time. More than 10,000 rai of paddy field were underwater. In Chiang Mai, the Ping River had flooded restaurants and homes along the riverbanks. Villagers were moving their belongings to higher ground and closely monitoring the situation.

Sandbags were piled up more than one metres to prevent flooding from the river.

In Lamphun, rain had wiped out the ground under the rail track on Doi Khun Tan, at Mae Tha district, damaging the track for some 20 metres and cutting off the rail services to and from Chiang Mai.

State Railway of Thailand (SRT) Governor Yutthana Thapcharoen will today inspect the scene and map out a repair plan. It was initially believed that it would take at least five days and the damage was considered the most serious in a decade.

The repair work would be very difficult, as the site was on high mountain five kilometers from Doi Khun Tan Station.

In Mae Hong Son, water had damaged a bridge over Huy Yuak, cutting off the route to Mae Sariang district.

Provinces along the Chee River were affected by floods, particularly in Yasothon and Roi Et where agriculture areas of more than 20,000 rai, including paddy fields, were damaged.