Flash Flood monitoring and warning devices on standby


LAMPANG, 18 July 2014 -The Lampang office of disaster prevention and mitigation, is taking steps to deal with the threat posed by flash flooding, likely from 17th-21st July 2014 as storms and heavy rainfall are expected.

The Lampang office of disaster prevention and mitigation has conducted a check up of flash flood warning devices in the areas most at risk, to be ready for the approaching weather depression in Thailand.

Mr. Woravit Waisawat, Sheriff of Wang Nuea District, with the Chief of the Lampang office of disaster prevention and mitigation has checked the warning and monitoring devices in the area which could be affected by landslides and flash floods.

The officials have warned villagers in Wang Nuea district, Chae Hom District and Mueang Pan District which is in the area of the source of the Wang River to be extra cautious about the water situation.

The Public is urged to watch for dertain indications of a possible flash flood: any deterioration in weather conditions, a build up of clouds or the sound of thunder, a sudden change in water clarity from clear to muddy, and signs of floating debris.