Fisheries Dept confirms seafood supply ample


BANGKOK, 8 July 2015- The Fisheries Department has confirmed the government’s crackdown on illegal fishing has yet to affect domestic supplies and the import sector; meanwhile, its attempt to register all fishing operators continues. 

Attempting to calm down consumers about seafood shortages, Deputy Director-General of the Fisheries Department Waraporn Prompoj affirmed that the remaining seafood stocks were ample to meet the demand for domestic consumption and export.

According to her, the temporary stoppage of unlicensed fishing boats has given operators of frozen seafood businesses the opportunity to distribute more of their goods to the market, adding that local fishermen can catch more fish now.

The Fisheries Department has instructed its provincial offices in all 22 seaside provinces to launch mobile units to facilitate the registration of unlicensed or wrongly-licensed fishing operators.

The deputy chief believes the ongoing campaign will enable the country to achieve sustainable fishing industry and save the country from being red carded by the European Union. The EU is expected to rule on the Thai performance in October.