First Malaysia-China Combined Joint Military Exercise successful


KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 27 – The first Malaysia-China Combined Joint Military Exercise “Peace and Friendship 2014”, which ended here today (Friday), opened t another important portal in developing interoperability and building confidence between the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) and China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the exercise, Malaysia’s Joint Forces Commander, Lieutenant General Datuk Seri Ackbal Abd Samad said the current global trends seemed to demonstrate much emphasis on interdependence and cooperation, to achieve promosing results and heighten sustainability.

“Those many man hours spent on exercise created a positive environment for good interection and it greatly enhanced the spirit of togetherness between both members of the armed forces,” he said at the MAF Joint Warfare Centre’s Auditorium, Kem Haigate.

Ackbal was pleased to note the hard work throughout the exercise, adding that coupled with individual capability and professionalism by both forces, had driven the exercise to great height.

“Images of exercise participants interacting closely and cooperating intimately in this exercise, project picture of unprecedented goodwill and immersed confidence building existed for many days working together,” he said.

The five-day exercise, from Dec 22, was designed to enhance regional security and foster cooperation between the two armed forces and the main focus was to share experiences and challenges related to Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief (HADR).

The exercise was conducted in Table Top Exercise (TTX) manner with seminar concept which is a formal presentation by MAF and PLA representatives followed by discussions on particular subject matters.

It was also a platform for both countries to discuss on the modules that will be conducted during the Field Training Exercise (FTX) in Exercise Peace and Friendship 2015, which includes module such as HADR, Combined Joint Escort, Combined Joint Search and Rescue (SAR) and Combined Joint Rescue of Hijacked Vessel.

Attending the closing ceremony was China’s Ambassador to Malaysia Huang Huikang, Director General, Campaign Training Bureau, Operations Department, General Staff Headquarters, PLA, Senior Colonel Han Lin, Deputy Director General Campaign Training Bureau, Operations Department, General Staff Headquarters, PLA, Senior Captain (Navy) Jiang Ke and senior officers from MAF.

Speaking at the ceremony, China’s Deputy Chief, Foreign Affairs Office, Ministry of National Defence, People’s Liberation Army, Major General Hu Changming said, the success of the first TTX by the two armed forces, marked the extension of military-to-military cooperation into new areas and a new era of development for the relations of the two armed forces.

“It is the finishing touch to the 40th anniversary celebration of establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Malaysia. It also sets a new starting point for the military-to-military interactions in next year,’he said.

While describing the TTX as “opening a new chapter in our friendly cooperation”, Hu attributed the success of TTX as the results from the care and support given by the political leadership as well the military leadership of the two countries.

“This TTX has been valued, invested and supervised by military leaders of the two sides. It is an important programme planned for the year of 2014, an essential part of the 40th anniversary celebration , an effective approach to deepen the practical cooperation between the two armed forces,” he said.


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