Fears of flooding in Ang Thong after sluice gate collapses


Ang Thong – A sluicegate of the Yang Manee Water Distribution and Maintenance Project in Poh Thong district of Ang Thong province has collapsed, causing a concern of uncontrolled flooding along the Noi River.

The six meter gate is one of four and was holding back water up to three meters deep. Authorities have installed stop logs to take the place of the gate and begun repair work, assuring members of the public that they will not be affected.

At the same time, the influence of tropical storm Bebinca over the northeast has spurred similar concerns of flooding in Nong Khai province, where water levels in the Mekong River remain high. A rise of 56 centimeters in waters in Loei province has stoked fears that the Mekong is soon to swell and authorities are now closely monitoring the situation.

The raised levels in the Mekong River have already slowed drainage of its tributaries. Some farming areas along tributaries without sluice gates or water pumps are now preparing to deal with a new bout of overflows.

The Temporary Crisis Center reports that Kaeng Krachan Dam in Petchaburi province, Nam Oun Dam in Sakon Nakhon province, Vajiralongkorn Dam in Kanchanaburi province and Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam in Nakhon Nayok province are also holding over 80 percent of their capacity and must be drained to accommodate incoming rains. Nearby residents have been alerted to the possibility of minor floods during the drainage.

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation made known only seven provinces are still contending with flooding spurred by tropical storm Son Tinh. They are Nakhon Panom, Ubon Ratchathani, Bueng Kan, Sakon Nakhon, Kalasin, Yasothon and Petchaburi. Authorities are conducting drainage operations as well as providing relief aid. Victims can still contact the 1784 hotline for further assistance.