FDA issues new quality standards for cosmetics products


Bangkok – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced new measures designed to ensure quality in cosmetics production.

Deputy Secretary-General of the FDA, Somchai Preechathaveekid disclosed that the 2015 Cosmetics Act does not require an inspection of the location of the cosmetics production site or an inspection of imported products. Many cosmetics brands have therefore displayed false information concerning production origins and other registered information. To improve upon the measures to protect consumers, the Ministry of Public Health issued an announcement on May 24 regarding guidelines and regulations involved in producing or importing cosmetics.

Under the new regulations, producers of cosmetic products must adhere to sanitation and production standards and implement systems to prevent contamination and ensure quality. Meanwhile, importers must only source ingredients from certified producers. Furthermore, producers, importers, or contractors must register with the ministry starting from May 24 and adhere to the conditions immediately. Those who have already registered will receive a company inspection within three months starting June 1.

Those who refuse to adhere to the new measures will be prosecuted and have their license revoked immediately.