Facebook, Instagram down one hour worldwide


BANGKOK, Jan 27 – Facebook and the Instagram social networks broke down in many countries for about one hour from 1.10pm to 2.10pm Thai time.

The hacker group Lizard Sqad announced via Twitter @LizardMafia, implying it was responsible for the incident.

Users in many areas around the world could not access Facebook and Instagram through computers and handheld devices at that time.

The problem did not happen to those using WhatsApp application under the Facebook umbrella.

Facebook and Instagram users in many countries including Thailand posted access problem messages on other online channels including Twitter.

The incident coincided with warnings of a big snowstorm hitting New York and many areas in the northeastern part of the United States.

No one confirmed if the incidents were related, but at that time people facing the snowstorm could not communicate.

Lizard Squad hacked into the Malaysia Airlines website yesterday announcing on Twitter @LizardMafia to imply that it caused the outage of popular social networks.

More than 1.35 billion people use Facebook and more than 300 million use Instagram, including 32 million Thais and 2 million Thai users respectively.