Election Commission seeking court ruling on elections in 8 provinces


BANGKOK, March 4 – The Election Commission (EC) will today officially seek the Constitutional Court’s ruling on its disagreement with the government concerning a royal decree to call for new elections in 28 constituencies in Thailand’s South.

Balloting in the Feb 2 general election was disrupted in 28 constituencies in eight southern provinces, pending new elections which have yet to be scheduled.

The EC said the government must issue a new royal decree to hold the new elections but the government disagreed, arguing that the original royal decree issued for the Feb 2 general election should be applicable.

Puchong Nutrawong, EC secretary general, said five election commissioners would meet today to discuss the issue, after which a petition would be submitted to the Constitutional Court.

In its meeting today, the EC will also consider the government’s request to spend Bt20 billon from the central fund for overdue payments to farmers under the rice pledging scheme.

Representatives from the Commerce and Finance ministries will appear before the EC to give explanations.