EIT continues to carry inspection on collapsed escalator


BANGKOK – The Engineering Institution of Thailand (EIT) has urged business operators to strictly adhere to safety regulations following a recent malfunction of an escalator in Bangkok.

The EIT has warned that thorough inspections of escalators and other building equipment must be carried out frequently to prevent accidents. Members of the public who use these equipment are also advised to follow instructions listed on the items, which include holding the railing while taking an elevator and refraining from carrying heavy objects.

The institution has so far been unable to identify the cause of the malfunction. Initially, it is speculated that a foreign object may be trapped between the steps, creating a gap that leads to the collapse of the escalator.

The escalator broke down at a Big C store in Wong Sawang area of Bangkok’s Bang Sue district on Monday. Photos from the scene show collapsed stairs and torn metal parts at the base of its handrails. There were no reports of injuries.