EC unable to assign numbers to party list candidates due to anti-government protest


BANGKOK, 23 December 2013 The Election Commission (EC) has decided not to assign numbers to party-list candidates today as many political parties are still unable to access the registration venue to submit their list of candidates. 

EC Secretary-General, Mr. Puchong Nutrawong disclosed that attempts had been made by the EC to escort more EC staff into the registration venue at the Thai-Japanese Youth Center. However, in the negotiation with protest leaders, the latter did not guarantee the safety of EC staff, prompting the office to refrain from sending more people into the building to support the registration process.

Mr. Puchong said, however, EC officials who are already stationed in the building would continue to wait for more political parties to register to give a fair chance for all parties to submit their lists of candidates, after which numbers would be assigned by draw of lots to all candidates for use in their election campaign.