EC to endorse election results within 150-day timeframe


Bangkok – The Election Commission of Thailand (EC) has promised to endorse election results within the 150-day timeframe as stipulated in the 2017 Constitution.

EC Secretary-General Pol Col Jarungwit Phumma has reiterated that the electoral organ will conclude the general election and endorse poll results by May 9th, 2019, which is within 50 days of the organic act governing the election of members of parliament coming into force on December 11th last year.

According to Pol Col Jarungwit, even though the election date is still unclear, Election Commissioners earlier this week agreed that the conclusion of the election stipulated in the permanent charter must include the endorsement of poll results.

There is current speculation that Thai voters will cast ballots on Sunday, March 10th based on the EC’s announcement and interpretation of the 150-day timeframe.

He added that although the EC is responsible for determining the poll’s date, the official announcement will have to made by the administration.