EC demands concrete resolutions to new elections


BANGKOK, Feb 15 – A forum to discuss resolution of the pending snap poll must reach a definite, practical conclusion, or the new elections in 28 remaining constituencies in eight provinces will be unsuccessful, according to an election commissioner.

Somchai Srisuthiyakorn, Election Commission (EC) member, said nine key members of the ruling Pheu Thai Party have agreed to attend the discussion on Monday.

The forum will be joined by three academics, including Virapat Pariyawong, independent lawyer, Yuthaporn Isarachai, dean of the Faculty of Political Science, Sukhothai Thammathirat University, and Nantana Nantavaropas, dean of the College of Political Communication, Krirk University, he said.

He said the discussion would centre on practical and concrete proposals so that the new elections in 28 constituencies could be held successfully as required by law.

“Everyone who joins Monday’s forum must contribute practical proposals because we have been offered too many theories. Anyone who threatens to sue the EC will be told to leave the meeting,” he said.

Mr Somchai, in charge of election administration, said the elections would not be successful if political conflicts remain unsolved but the EC is willing to move forward if the government stands firm that it is ready to jointly resolve the issue.

He said announcing the MPs elected in constituencies where voting has already successfully concluded could worsen the situation and candidates should wait until the balloting is held in every constituency nationwide.

The EC is awaiting the caretaker government’s response to its proposal to issue a royal decree to call for new elections in eight provinces.

The Feb 2 elections were disrupted in 28 constituencies in eight provinces. The EC has set April 27 for the new elections, pending the government’s issuing a royal decree to hold the polls.