Dusit Poll: People wish the EC would quickly hold the general election


BANGKOK, 19 May 2014 – Thai people have a great concern over the current state of the politics and wish the Election Commission (EC) would quickly hold the general election, according to a recent survey by Dusit Poll. 

The survey, taken during May 12th-17th, reflects the opinions of 1,486 participants on the current political upheaval. About 61% of the poll takers propose that the military come out and show their stance to protect the public and the nation. More than 54% urge the courts to be impartial, while 40.70% want the EC to urgently organize a general election with transparency and neutrality. About 55% of the respondents implore the Senate to perform its duty with fairness and uphold the benefit of the public. The survey showed 42.40% of the respondents want independent public agencies to truly be independent and neutral.

Approximately 60% think that the Royal Thai Police must be able to maintain peace and order for the public, while 52.10% say both the People’s Democratic Reform Committee and the United front for Democracy against Dictatorship must refrain from provoking one another and arousing the public to join their gathering.