DSI seizes 11 plots of land in Kanchanaburi


KANCHANABURI – The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has seized 600 rai of land illegally held as trespassed and misused land in the national forest reserve, says a DSI official.

The DSI’s Special Operation Center Region 7 Director Pol Lt Col Anon Untarichan has revealed that the DSI has finally seized all 11 plots of land, reported by the general public as trespassed lands in the national forest reserve area, reclaiming the land rights back to the government on 3 February 2016.

Land reclamation operations were carried out starting from the seize of 4 out of the 11 plots of land back on 26 August 2015, followed by additional investigation using satellite images to identify the remaining 7 plots of land located in the East Chong Insee and Don Salaeb-Laokwan forests.

Initial observation from officials shows that the land was trespassed by locals for the cultivation of farm plants such as sugar cane, tapioca, and rubber trees.

Land reclamation operations are in accordance with the government’s policy to eliminate the trespassing of lands by capitalists without disturbing the local people who may use the land for daily occupation.

The criteria for retaking the land is based on ownership and usage. Trespassed land areas larger than 25 rai by local people will be determined by Cabinet resolution, while the use of land plots under 25 rais for commercial usage, including resort development, will be deemed illegal and immediately seized.