Drug community in Ayutthaya raided


A combined force of almost a hundred police and soldiers encircled a drug related community near a temple in Ayutthaya province this morning and detained 20 people for charge of resisting and assaulting police during a raid yesterday.

T14-07-16 PBS

The raid yesterday at the community in front of Merurachikalam temple in Amphoe Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district failed to net a female drug trafficker known only as Joy when a group of neighbours and her family members came out to help her escape narrowly.

They also assaulted the officers with rocks, sticks and also damaged a police vehicle in the bid to stop narcotic suppression police to enter her house in the community to search.

The resistance by community residents forced the law enforcement officers to retreat and freed the female trafficker.

But today the officers returned again with more men and rounded up all persons who appeared on video footages engaging in yesterday’s assault of the officers.

20 residents were rounded up, some of them tested positive to drug addiction, and three are brothers of the fugitive trafficker Joy.

Police said they believed Joy is hiding somewhere in densely populated communities in Ayutthaya.

All the detainees will face all charges for resisting and assaulting police.