Drought crisis abates in several parts of the country


BANGKOK, 27 July 2015 – Continuous rainfall has relieved the drought situation in several areas of Thailand. As dams were replenished, many farmers returned to rice growing.

In Khon Kaen province, rainfall has been raising water levels at the Ubonrat Dam at an average of three million cubic meters per day. Nearly 60% of its 643 million cubic meters is deemed fit for public consumption. Approximately 2.5 million cubic meters is being released into streams for agricultural use.

In Nakhon Ratchasima province, Lam Takhong Dam has received only one million cubic meters of water from rainfall. Officials at the dam have assured there is enough water for household consumption, despite lower-than-expected water levels.

In Nakhon Phanom province, people living along the Mekhong River have been warned to be ready to evacuate, as the water levels are rising quickly. Two weeks of continuous precipitation have also contributed to strong currents in the river. Ferry operators are urged to be extra cautious when navigating the river.

Despite the recent rainfall, several months of drought have left 500,000 rai of rice paddies dessicated. Meanwhile, crops grown in another 500,000 rai have reportedly survived the water shortages.

The Meteorological Department has forecast more rain in the North. More water is expected to be added to the dams. However, meteorologists have warned people not to become too complacent. The public is urged to continue conserving water.