DPM Chalerm and police chief announce seizing of 600 million baht worth of Ice & heroin


BANGKOK, 27 March 2013 12 hill tribesmen have been arrested by narcotics suppression police for trafficking 600 million baht worth of drugs in the North. 

Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung and National Police Commissioner Adul Saengsingkaew announced that the drug bust resulted in the seizure of 38 kilograms of Ice and 42 kilograms of heroin sticks, worth a combined 600 million baht in market value.

The drug smugglers were apprehended in Chiang Dao district of Chiang Mai province. The bust was planned when officials learned that Lahu tribesmen would smuggle the drugs in from the border and pass on the shipment to a group of Hmong tribesmen who lived in Chiang Rai, and that the shipment would be furthered transported to Chiang Dao district in Chiang Mai to be finally handed over to narcotics traders who would then distribute the drugs throughout the country.