DNA probe on victims of the van accident to be released


BANGKOK, 5 June 2014,  – Medical officials have released the preliminary examination results from the victims who died in a van that crashed into a ten wheeler, killing 13 people on Tuesday in Chaiyabhum Province, saying the full DNA test results would be released within a week.

Srinakarin Hospital’s Assistant Professor Dr. Wirut Khukitti made the comment, saying the forensic investigation team has identified the characteristics of the victims’ dental work, clothing, and personal adornment. He said the team was also able to indicate that five of the victims were female, and the remaining eight were male, adding however that further examination is needed to uncover the identity of one of the victims.

The deceased individuals consisted of 12 Vietnamese, and a Thai national; Weerachai Promsakul, a 35 year-old Pattalung native who was the driver. Dr. Wirut added that Mr. Weerachai died from the sheer force of the impact. Dr. Wirut stated officials also came to the conclusion that suffocation was the cause of death of at least two of the victims, saying that there might have been a chance of survival if the van had not exploded after the impact.

Officials said that relatives of the victims have contacted them to claim the bodies, saying that the authority would release them as soon as the DNA test is completed. They estimated the process would be finished within a week.

Crime Scene Investigators suspect that the cause of the intense fire was the extreme impact of the two vehicles on collision which probably sparked the flames that quickly engulfed the van. All victims’ families are to receive compensation by the insurance company in accordance with the Royal Decree on transportation.