DIT Director General follows up on product prices


BANGKOK – The Department of Internal Trade (DIT) has inspected product prices at Bang Yai Central Market ahead of the New Year Festival to prevent the products from being overpriced, confirming that the product prices are within the normal range while ensuring that the minimum wage hike does not affect the prices of products.

Internal Trade Director General Wichai Phochanakit inspected prices of agricultural products, ready-cooked food and consumer products and discussed problems related to product prices with vendors at Bang Yai Central Market in Nonthaburi. He also checked on the standard of scales. A symbol which certifies the scales’ standard was attached to each set of scales that meet the standard. Advice was provided to vendors whose scales were found to be not working properly. About 20 sets of scales that didn’t meet the standard were seized.

Mr Wichai stated that general prices of both fresh meat and vegetables were in the normal range and consistent with the market price. Pork was at 130-140 baht while the price of vegetables was cheaper, such as kale at 30 baht per kilogram. He confirmed that the product prices will not affect ready-cooked food. Regarding the increase in the minimum wage of 5-6 baht, he said it was an average increase of only two percent of the total wage, and expressed his confidence that it has not affected the prices of products. Meanwhile, workers must adjust themselves to being more effective as well. During the New Year festival, the DIT will dispatch its officials to ensure that products do not become overpriced.

Fresh vegetable vendors stated that the market price of vegetables is not very high at this time despite the approaching New Year Festival. Prices of popular fresh products such as sea food have gone up slightly ahead of the New Year Festival.

The visit was aimed at encouraging people to read product labels and price tags before buying, in order to get good quality products at reasonable prices In the event that members of the public have any queries or wish to file a complaint, please contact the DIT’s Hotline 1569.