Dissolution does not affect policies of Energy Ministry


BANGKOK, 10 Dec 2013, Acting Energy Minister Pongsak Raktapongpaisan has said the dissolution of parliament does not affect the policies of the ministry. 

According to Mr. Pongsak, the cabinet will have to work in the interim government until a new one has been formed; as stated by the Section 180 of the constitution. He said a general election would have to be held within 45-60 days, urging the public to exercise their rights to vote.

The acting minister said he would carry out his duty the best he could during the period leading to the election.

He brushed aside concerns raised over his ministry’s policy, saying the Energy Regulatory Commission would still be working. He also ensured that several of the current administration’s policies such as the solar rooftop project and the long-term electricity development programs would proceed as planned.

Meanwhile, Acting Permanent Secretary of the ministry Suthep Liemsiricharoen echoed Mr. Pongsak’s opinions, saying civil servants under the Energy Ministry would still do their duties despite the dissolution. He placed an importance on the monitoring projects that did not directly affect the public.